TN Visa for Veterinarians: Opportunities in the U.S. with Aleph VetStaff

The TN Visa for Veterinarians presents exciting career prospects for Mexican veterinarians in the United States. At Aleph VetStaff, we specialize in connecting MVZ professionals with veterinary clinics across the U.S., providing comprehensive support throughout the visa application process.

1. TN Visa Eligibility

Citizenship Requirement: To qualify for a TN Visa, you must be a citizen of Mexico. Profession Eligibility: Veterinary professionals are among the eligible TN professions, making it a viable option for MVZ graduates.

2. Obtaining a Job Offer with Aleph VetStaff

Your Gateway to Opportunities: Aleph VetStaff plays a pivotal role in your TN Visa journey. We work diligently to secure job offers from reputable veterinary clinics in the U.S. Temporary Veterinary Positions: Our network of clinics offers temporary positions, aligning with TN Visa requirements.

3. Credential Verification

Supporting Your Qualifications: Aleph VetStaff assists you in gathering and verifying the necessary qualifications, ensuring they meet U.S. standards for your chosen profession.

4. The Role of Aleph VetStaff

Guiding You Through: We take pride in guiding you through the TN Visa process step by step, making it a smoother and less stressful experience. Employment Letter Assistance: Our team helps you obtain a detailed employment letter, outlining your role, responsibilities, salary, and other essential information.

5. TN Visa Application Process with Aleph VetStaff

Seamless Application: With Aleph VetStaff’s support, you’ll navigate the TN Visa application process seamlessly. We ensure all required documentation is in order. Interview Preparedness: Our guidance prepares you for the visa interview, helping you confidently answer questions about your qualifications and job offer.

6. Accompanying Dependents

TD Visas for Your Family: Aleph VetStaff assists your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old in applying for TD (Trade Dependent) visas, allowing them to accompany you to the U.S. while pursuing their educational goals.

7. Dual Intent

Green Card Pursuit: Mexican veterinarians on TN Visas can take advantage of the dual intent feature, allowing them to pursue permanent residency (a green card) while working in the U.S.

8. Preparedness is Key with Aleph VetStaff

Comprehensive Support: Aleph VetStaff ensures that you have all the necessary documentation, from passport details to visa application forms, making your journey smoother and more organized.


At Aleph VetStaff, we are dedicated to unlocking career opportunities in the U.S. for Mexican veterinarians through the TN Visa program. Our comprehensive support, from job placement to visa application, simplifies the process and ensures a successful transition to the U.S. Stay informed, pursue your passion, and take your veterinary career to new heights with Aleph VetStaff by your side.


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