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Our mission

At Aleph Veterinary, we’re more than a bridge to your future; we’re your steadfast partner on the journey to a fulfilling veterinary career in the United States. Our promise? To amplify your talents, champion your ambitions, and offer life-changing opportunities, including TN Visa sponsorship and a guaranteed 3-year contract.

Joining our program isn’t just about a career move. It’s about becoming part of a family that deeply values and supports your dreams. We take the time to truly know you, understand your career goals, and match you with veterinary hospitals and healthcare organizations that fan the flames of your passion for excellence. We forge powerful partnerships that elevate care standards and reshape the future of veterinary care. With Aleph Veterinary, you’re not just stepping into a job, you’re embracing a future that cherishes your unique skills and nurtures your growth. Let’s make your dreams come true, together.

Aleph Medical

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster an environment of growth and professional development for veterinarians. We aim to create a network where everyone involved can gain access to highly skilled, passionate professionals.

We envision reshaping the narrative for veterinary professionals transitioning from Mexico to the United States, turning a journey often marked by red tape into a smooth road to success.

We are committed to being the guiding light that illuminates their professional journey, empowering them to reach new heights in their careers and achieve exceptional success.

Our vision is to create a future where the boundaries between veterinary talent from Mexico and partnering veterinary institutions in the United States. We foresee a world where their mutual relationship elevates animal care to an unmatched level, setting a new standard for veterinary care excellence.

Your Bridge to Global Veterinary Success


We empower veterinarians by helping them chase their dreams of crafting successful careers in the United States, nurturing both personal and professional development.


We aim to connect partnering institutions with extraordinary talent, ensuring that their care goes beyond expectations. Excellence isn't a goal, it's the standard.


We cultivate strong partnerships and form a dynamic network that propels success and fosters continual advancement in veterinary healthcare.


We leverage the power of modern technology and innovative strategies, boosting efficiency and elevating experiences in the world of veterinary healthcare.


We advocate for empathetic, animal-centered care, inspiring veterinarians to offer compassionate service that significantly impacts the well-being of animals and their owners.

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Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Pamela Gonzalez

We are thrilled to introduce Pamela Gonzalez, the esteemed Director of our renowned nursing program. She is passionate about empowering educated Mexican nurses to realize their full potential, nurturing their personal and professional growth.