Diversifying the Nursing Field: An Overview of the Types of Nurses in the U.S.

The nursing field in the United States is as diverse as it is rewarding. With a multitude of nursing specializations to choose from, it presents abundant opportunities for career growth and diversification. If you’re a Mexican nurse aspiring to broaden your horizons in the U.S., this article provides an overview of some of the main nursing types and roles to help you make an informed decision.

Registered Nurses (RNs)

Registered Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. They provide direct patient care, administer medications, and coordinate with the healthcare team. RNs can work in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient facilities.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who can diagnose and treat diseases, prescribe medications, and provide preventive care. In some states, they can practice independently of physicians, making this an appealing role for nurses seeking more autonomy.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs)

CNSs are experts in a specialized area of nursing, such as gerontology or oncology. They provide direct patient care, conduct research, and drive policy changes.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

CRNAs administer anesthesia for surgical, diagnostic, or therapeutic procedures. This high-responsibility role is one of the highest-paying nursing specialties in the U.S.

Nurse Midwives

Certified Nurse Midwives provide gynecological and obstetric care, including delivering babies. They advocate for a natural childbirth process and can provide care independently in many states.

Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric Nurses specialize in the care of children from infancy through adolescence. They work in various settings, from pediatric clinics to children’s hospitals.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide mental health services, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions. Their services are increasingly crucial given the growing mental health needs worldwide.

Geriatric Nurses

Geriatric Nurses specialize in caring for older adults. They play a vital role in managing the complex health needs of an aging population.


The nursing field in the U.S. offers a vast array of options for Mexican nurses looking to specialize or diversify their careers. It’s a continually evolving field, making it an exciting and rewarding profession for those passionate about healthcare.

Making the decision to expand your career horizons abroad comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties. But remember, there are organizations like Aleph Medical that can provide guidance and support as you navigate these choices. As you explore the different nursing roles in the U.S., be assured there are resources available to help you make this career transition successfully.


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